#RFdlaUkrainy: The Financial Ombudsman’s website in Ukrainian

The Financial Ombudsman, as part of its activities under the #RFdlaUkrainy slogan, has launched a Ukrainian language version of its own website www.rf.gov.pl/ua. It contains basic information about the activities of the Office of the Financial Ombudsman, as well as advice and warnings for visitors from Ukraine. Email counselling in Ukrainian has also been operating for two months.

The Office of the Financial Ombudsman has launched a Ukrainian version of its website. This is another version of the Financial Ombudsman’s website, alongside the English and French versions. It contains compact information on the activities of the Office, the scope of its competence and the assistance it provides to clients of the banking, capital and insurance markets.

At the same time, on the newly launched websites, Ukrainian clients will find advice and warnings related to safe use of financial products and services available in Poland. Specialists from the Office of the Financial Ombudsman provide information about the rights and obligations of clients on the Polish market, as well as possible threats from fraudsters, such as phishing methods.

Earlier, in March this year, the Financial Ombudsman launched a special campaign under the #RFdlaUkrainy slogan, launching free email advice in Ukrainian (ua-porady@rf.gov.pl). The clients can turn there for help and advice related to the use of financial and insurance products and services available on the Polish market.

Also in March, the Financial Ombudsman addressed banks, lending institutions, insurance companies and associations of such entities operating in Poland with demands for good practice in connection with the influx of refugees from Ukraine into our country. The Financial Ombudsman calls for refugees to be provided with at least basic and safe banking services, but also protection from illegal activities, including consumer protection.

However, in April this year, the Financial Ombudsman conducted a warning campaign in Ukrainian on social media, where it draws attention to possible risks when using online banking and good practices in dealing with financial institutions.

The Financial Ombudsman monitors the banking, capital and insurance markets on an ongoing basis for products and services offered to refugees from Ukraine. At the same time, the Financial Ombudsman’s experts are continuously preparing advice and warnings in Ukrainian related to potential risks for consumers and criminal activity.