How we help?

Do you feel aggrieved by the operation of a financial institution? Do you disagree with the position of the bank or insurer you received or you do not understand it? Read how the Financial Ombudsman helps or check the infographic (in Polish language).

The Financial Ombudsman supports customers in disputes with financial market entities. We help in various ways: from consulting, through interventions and amicable proceedings, to support during court proceedings.

Have you received the position of a financial institution and you are not sure what your rights are?

Consult the Ombudsman’s experts – you can receive advice from the Financial Ombudsman’s experts at any stage. They provide assistance by phone and respond to e-mail inquiries. Our experts will tell you what you can do next in your case!

File a claim with a financial institution. Define your reservations and expectations in detail. If you have comments on the behavior of the representatives of the financial institution, also describe them in detail. Remember that the complaint does not have to be written in legal language. Simply write in it why you do not agree with the actions of the financial institution or why you feel wronged by it. The financial institution has 30 days to respond. If it needs more time, it must send you a justification in advance. If this happens – the response time is extended by another 30 days.

What happens if the financial institution rejected your claim?

Submit a request for an intervention. Please note! We will prepare arguments that may convince the financial institution to change its position. However, we are not able to issue a decision that will be binding for a financial market entity.

The financial institution did not change its position as a result of the intervention of the Financial Ombudsman?

Apply to the Financial Ombudsman to conduct an amicable settlement. Please note! This is the only procedure of this type that a financial institution must participate in. The aim of the proceedings is to reach a settlement, and this requires mutual concessions on both sides. If no agreement is reached, the Financial Ombudsman will prepare a special opinion with a legal assessment of the case.

If the intervention or amicable proceedings were unsuccessful, fight for your rights through court proceedings. After filing a lawsuit in court, you can submit an application to the Financial Ombudsman for a so-called important view.


If we perceive a problem to be serious, we take actions which relate many people:

we bring a lawsuit to discontinue the unfair market practice,

we submit an extraordinary appeal or a motion for a resolution to the Supreme Court on how to interpret discrepancies in jurisprudence,

we inform the Polish Financial Supervision Authority and the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection,

we ask ministries for systemic changes